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Peru Travel Advisory On August 16, 2021

Update to information on the extension of the ban on entries from Brazil, India and South Africa, and removal of information on the immigration fine waiver issued, which has now been lifted by Immigration ('Entry requirements' page)

Travel Advisory Published: August 16, 2021 14:54
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Malaysia Travel Advisory On August 16, 2021

Additional information on COVID-19 controls, creation of an airport desk for dealing with overstays, and rules on carrying your passport …
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Afghanistan Travel Advisory On August 15, 2021

Additional phone number for British nationals to inform the British Embassy Kabul of their departure plans ('Summary' page) Travel Advisory …
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Belgium Travel Advisory On August 14, 2021

Updated information on entry requirements. Belgium is now able to verify NHS Covid Passes with a QR code from Northern …
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Antigua and Barbuda Travel Advisory On August 14, 2021

Information on Tropical Strom Warning, the weekend of 14-15 August. The Government of Antigua and Barbuda have issued a Tropical …
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