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5 Safe Winter Destinations & Getaways

The restrictions that come with winter should not mean that you have to be bored all day, every day for months. There are some safe, yet fun snowy destinations that are perfect for a winter vacation that you can try out. Some embrace the cold and the ability to snowshoe, ski and winter camp while others want to avoid anything that resembles white drifting materials and so we offered an option if you prefer sand. If you have any comments or suggestions on the best spot for a winter vacation please use the comment section below.

1. Marble Mountain, Newfoundland, Canada –  The sparkling snow is not the only thing you will find in Marble Mountain. There is a ton of other activities for the family to indulge in to kick away the winter blues. A good start to the vacation would be skiing at the mountain since there are opportunities for beginners, as well as expert skiers. The kids will enjoy learning a new skill while mingling with other tourists from all over the world. Warm up the long winter days with an adrenaline-filled afternoon zip lining in one of the popular spots. For a final day of relaxation, enjoy the breathtaking landscape, while interacting with animals at the Gros Morne National Park.

2. Key West, Florida, United States  – Ok so there is technically no snow in Key West but if you are looking for a vacation from winter then we thought we’d include it. You can always stay inside with the air conditioning turned down low!  The vibrant atmosphere in this city will make you forget that you ever had any winter blues. The beautiful Victorian homes are a spectacle to behold, and the beautiful art galleries will satiate your artistic inclines. However, there is so much more for the entire family to enjoy, including Kayaking and nature trails. Get in touch with nature at the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory, and I promise you that this will be a big hit with the kids. The historical sites such as the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum, and the Harry S. Truman Little White House are breathtaking as well. This charming city is definitely one of the best winter vacation spots in the United States.

3. Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada –  Another safe, fun-filled and affordable winter vacation spot that is appropriate for families and individuals is Mont Tremblant. This pedestrian-only village is perfect for a quiet vacation, filled outdoor or indoor activities depending on what you choose. The quaint coffee shops and restaurants feel so authentic and you will fit right in with the locals. Walking through the streets of Mont Tremblant gives you the feeling of home; a safe warm place full of love. Choose one of the many runs to take your skiing game to the next level or go snowboarding if that is more exciting to you. An afternoon spent golfing is the perfect ending to an exciting vacation in Mont Tremblant.

4. Telluride, Colorado –  The appeal of Telluride is unimaginable and this is a safe and gorgeous vacation spot for your winter travels. The peace of the mountains abounds in Telluride and you will definitely have a lot on your to-do list. From taking long walks on the neat trails, to skiing on the sparkling snow, Telluride has a lot to offer. For those looking for solitude and peace of mind, this is a winter vacation spot worth trying out. For the adventurous souls, ice climbing is a good start. Families can also enjoy peaceful afternoons horseback riding, while the little ones take pleasure in fun sleigh rides. Check out the art classes in the evenings or learn how to ice skate.

5. Prague, Czech Republic –  The allure of Prague is definitely worth mentioning when speaking of top winter vacation spots. This antique city is transformed by the snow, which reignites its beauty and charm. Enjoy the unique architectural designs, while sightseeing in Prague. The quaint little shops and restaurants along the streets will definitely satiate your shopping and food cravings. This fairytale city is perfect for a family getaway or a solo vacation. Theatre is also vibrant here and I am sure your family will enjoy a show or two here. Enjoy an activity-filled day in the outdoors hiking or kayaking, then join the locals in an entertainment-filled evening full of good food and lots of dancing.