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Safest Countries in the Middle East & Africa

The safest countries in The Middle East and Africa for tourism and travel. These are rated out of 10. Safest countries in Africa & The Middle East are based on crime/homicide rates and drugs and crime, likelihood of terrorism and terrorism casualties, police force effectiveness, costs of security within the country on business, reliability of protection services, rates of property crime and violence. Updated 2024.

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World Rank
 Qatar 1 Qatar 21
 Mauritius 2 Mauritius 23
 Kuwait 3 Kuwait 35
 Botswana 4 Botswana 42
 South Korea 5 South Korea 43
 Sierra Leone 6 Sierra Leone 47
 Oman 7 Oman 48
 Ghana 8 Ghana 51
 Senegal 9 Senegal 52
 Madagascar 10 Madagascar 55
 Namibia 11 Namibia 56
Gambia 12 Gambia 59
 Jordan 13 Jordan 62
 Zambia 14 Zambia 63
 Liberia 15 Liberia 72
 Malawi 16 Malawi 74
 United Arab Emirates 17 United Arab Emirates 75
 Tunisia 18 Tunisia 81
 Equatorial Guinea 19 Equatorial Guinea 82
 Angola 20 Angola 84
 Morocco 21 Morocco 85
 Guinea-Bissau 22 Guinea-Bissau 87
 Rwanda 23 Rwanda 89
 Cote d’Ivoire 24 Cote d’Ivoire 90
 Tanzania 25 Tanzania 91
 Gabon 26 Gabon 93
 Algeria 27 Algeria 96
 Togo 28 Togo 105
 Bahrain 29 Bahrain 108
 Eswatini 30 Eswatini 109
 Benin 31 Benin 110
 Lesotho 32 Lesotho 111
 Djibouti 33 Djibouti 112
 Republic of the Congo 34 Republic of the Congo 113
 Mauritania 35 Mauritania 114
 Kenya 36 Kenya 117
 Mozambique 37 Mozambique 118
 Saudi Arabia 38 Saudi Arabia 119
 Egypt 39 Egypt 121
 Zimbabwe 40 Zimbabwe 124
 Uganda 41 Uganda 125
 Guinea 42 Guinea 127
 Burundi 43 Burundi 128
 Eritrea 44 Eritrea 133
 Palestine 45 Palestine 134
 Lebanon 46 Lebanon 135
 Libya 47 Libya 137
 Niger 48 Niger 138
 Cameroon 49 Cameroon 139
 Chad 50 Chad 142
 Israel 51 Israel 46
 Nigeria 52 Nigeria 144
 Iran 53 Iran 148
 Burkina Faso 54 Burkina Faso 150
 Ethiopia 55 Ethiopia 151
 Central African Republic 56 Central African Republic 152
 Mali 57 Mali 153
 Iraq 58 Iraq 154
 Sudan 59 Sudan 155
 Somalia 60 Somalia 156
 Democratic Republic of the Congo 61 Democratic Republic of the Congo 159
 South Sudan 62 South Sudan 160
 Syria 63 Syria 161
 Yemen 64 Yemen 162

Dangers can lurk in any city, park or town and being a safe vacationer means paying attention and keeping yourself out of harms way. Crimes and violence can happen in the lowest rated Middle Eastern as it could happen in the safest rated country in South-Africa so these figures should only be used as a guide to help compare a safe travel destination.

To compare, the safety scores of the USA & Canada are:

(Safer than 41 countries / Less safe than 4 countries in this region)

United States
(Safer than 22 countries / Less safe than 20 countries in this region)


Today’s travelers and tourists are more and more wanting to visit the natural beauty and remote regions of a country in order to discover more than just the big cities and commonly advertised attractions so now, more than ever, the safety and security of any particular destination is a key deciding factor of a the safety rating a country receives. These rankings presented here are based on the reliability of the police and legal protective system in a country as well as the rates of criminal activity and the potential for terrorism.

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One thought on “Safest Countries in the Middle East & Africa

  • One of your safest place to visit is listed by the Us State Department as a danger to Americans traveling abroad. It is also a safe haven for many Al Qaeda sheikhs and Palestinian militant groups. Last year, 3 US soldiers were murdered in cold blood by a Jordnian soldier whose family tribe screamed death to America at the killer’s funeral and is threatening to spark a revolution if the King and Queen do not reverse the life sentence of the killer in the aforementioned debacle. Additionally, tourists were shot down in cold blood by ISIS in Karak recently. If Jordan is the safest nation in the Middle East, it probably is a good idea to remain out of the Middle East for a while.

    The above are tourist and military casualties. We are not including the recent attack by ISIS on the Jordanian intelligence headquarters in Baqaa as well. Nor the ISIS attack on Ruqban. Here is my advice, The fighters Jordan allowed to cross the borders to fight in Syria and Iraq (JOrdan is listed #3 in number of ISIS fighters it sends abroad) are returning to JOrdan. This publication could be responsible for whoever dies at the hands of those fighters in my personal opinion.

    I hate being negative so I will at least say that it is great that this month Jordan repealed the law which allows a rapist to escape punishment for rape by marrying the victim. Congrats!

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