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5 Safe Cities For Travel

Looking for a fun, yet safe city to explore with your family on the yearly family vacation? This list explores some of the safest, fun and breathtaking cities that you can visit with your family this year. Here is a list of top 5 safe destination cities for families and single women or men. Please leave a comment or make a suggestion for your choice of a favorite and safe city.

1. Geneva –  The fact that a number of world organizations are headquartered in Geneva is enough proof that the city is one of the safest in the country. Why not kick off the family vacation with a morning tour of Geneva’s Old Town? You will shop till you drop, relax with a cup of coffee in hand or a taste of tasteful ice cream in one of the many antique cafés.  Top the day with a peaceful cable car ride to the top of the Saleve Mountain and enjoy a calm, yet breathtaking view of the city. A walk through Bastions Park will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for an afternoon of exploring the Italian architecture in Carouge only a short bus ride away.  Don’t forget to enjoy the vibrant nightlife in this city and you just might get the chance to experience the world class firework display during the summer.

2. Osaka –  For a safe and exciting trip, explore the city of Osaka. This may not be the typical family vacation destination, but this city’s charm will leave you surprised and wanting to explore more of it. A visit to the Osaka castle is the perfect way to kick of the family vacation trip on a high. Walking through the beautiful streets surrounded by colorful cherry and plum trees is every tourist’s dream. Take the kids to the Osaka aquarium for a fun morning show, and then try the hearty street food in one of the many street restaurants. The friendly people make the trip so much easier and although you may not understand what they are saying, the positive energy will rub off on you.

3. Amsterdam –  Looking for a laid back, safe and relaxed city for a family vacation? Walking through the streets of Amsterdam will give you all these feelings and so much me. People here are extremely friendly and well-known for their relaxed approach to life. With no tension or negative energy, you are left to enjoy your vacation with the peace of mind unknown to other cities.  For a fun-filled family day out, kick start your vacation with a visit to the gorgeous Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museums. Wind down in one of the city’s coffee shops, before enjoying the vibrant Amsterdam nightlife that has its fair share of fanfare. Don’t leave Amsterdam without a journey through the canal system, surrounded by beautiful tress and picturesque shops.

4. Singapore –  Safety comes first in Singapore and the government has invested heavily in keeping the city and its people safe. For a culturally-rich, exciting and fun-filled vacation experience, Singapore is definitely the city to visit. Take the children for a casual walk through Little India and they will go home with colorful souvenirs to remind them of the trip. Enjoy the fun-filled street fares and get to mingle with the locals, enjoy local food, while learning about local culture. For a breath of fresh air, explore the nature trails that will make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city. For a more exciting day, explore the Kusu, Pulau Ubin and Sisters Islands for a variety of outdoor activities suitable for all family members.

5. Stockholm – The capital of Sweden is not only safe, but a great destination for family vacations.  Enjoy walks through the antique town of Gamla Stan and experience the rich history of this city. The Nobelmuseet museum is a great place to visit with children and offers important information about the Nobel Peace Prize. The list of delightful coffee shops in Stockholm is endless. Enjoy a slow afternoon in one of these then go on to enjoy dinner served in water in either a boat or pontoon. A ferry ride to the famous Stockholm Archipelago is a famous family activity and the beautiful landscape will take your breath away.