Safest Unknown Places For A Holiday

What are the things that you consider while planning your holidays? The things to visit in the place under consideration, weather conditions of the place and expenses of travelling are some of the factors which we normally look at. However, there is one very important factor to consider that you often miss out and that is the safety of your family at that particular place. So if you are wondering where is the safest place to go on holiday, you will find some of the best options to choose from:

•    Seychelles:
This one is not so popular among all the tourists, but honey-moon couples seeking a peaceful environment with a lot of privacy largely prefer this place. It is basically an archipelago of the Indian Ocean that is considerably safe and free from terror attacks. San-bathing in the white sand beaches of Beau Vallon and Anse Takamaka is something on which travellers never miss out. Other things that attract travelers include the coral reef and the exotic wildlife of the place with rare species like gigantic Aldabra Tortoise.

The Seychelles are perfect for vacations, honeymoons and holidays.
The Seychelles are perfect for vacations, honeymoons and holidays.

•    Costa Rica:
The Central American country has a rugged terrain, densely covered by the rain forests. Naturally, wild life is a common attraction for the travelers. One thing that Costa Rica boasts of is its gorgeous beaches. You can enjoy lots of water-activities like surfing and diving over here. Last but not the least the place has mouth-watering local food that one can try out. You can visit the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum over here if you are interested in the cultural heritages of the country. A region of rich biodiversity, Costa Rica has protected jungles with rare species like spider monkeys and quetzal birds thriving in the lap of nature.

•    Iceland:
It is not only the shooting spot for many recent movies but also among the safe countries to vacation. The natural waterfalls, volcanoes and lagoons make the place favorite among the travelers. A few major attractions include the volcanic landscapes, the exciting nightlife and the Viking historical museums. If you are an adventure-lover, you can take part in climbing, hiking and snowmobiling. The sparsely populated island is safe, secure and peaceful and the pleasant weather here will help you to relax.

•    Malta:
In between Sicily and North African Coast, the archipelago of great historic importance called Malta is located. It has been under the dominion of the Romans, Moors, French and British through the ages. Naturally, royal fortresses and megalithic temples are found in profusion over here. Flaf, Saflieli Hypogeum and the burial chambers of 3600 B.C.E. are among the great observables in Malta. The elegance in the architecture, the enjoyable boat trips and the wide horizon dotted with small hillocks make Malta a heavenly place. Red gold beaches and limestone cliffs add to the aesthetic beauty.

•    Liechtenstein:
The German province between Switzerland and Austria is popular among the tourists for the scenic beauty and also the magnificent medieval castles. The ski resort of Malbun is one of the places where people from various parts of the world gather. However, we would advice you not to spend your holidays by merely admiring the natural beauty of the place or taking part in these activities. Take out some time from your tour schedule and visit the postal museum to have a look at the postal stamps of Liechtenstein. The winters in Liechtenstein are harsh and accompanied with frequent rain and snow. So it would be better to visit the place during summer when the weather is moderate and pleasant.

•    Poland:

Poland is a safe destination that we don't often think of as a choice for a vacation. Time to think twice and try new things!
Poland is a safe destination that we don’t often think of as a choice for a vacation. Time to think twice and try new things!

The seat of Jewish Heritage, Poland is one of the safe international destinations for traveling. You can go for hiking in the southern mountainous regions of Poland. The small, historic hotels in the city center would be the best place to put up in Poland. Don’t consider these hotels to be of the mainstream old and pesky type, they offer you modern amenities along with stylish interior decor. Warsaw, the largest city of the country has many great places to visit, especially in the reconstructed old town. The only safety concern at Poland is pickpockets at the bus. If you can be careful enough, there cannot be a better place for safe travel than Poland.

•    Bahama:
The picturesque islands of Bahama with soft sand and deep blue waters offer you a great opportunity to rejuvenate yourself. You can participate in various activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. Other things to do include kayaking, diving in the spooky holes of Andros and relaxing on the pink-sand beaches. The New Providence Island’s Nassau with the innumerable casinos and resorts is one of the most attractive places over here. Hearty dishes like French breads with mushrooms, cheese and ketchup are in galore. You can also try out the other treats like dumplings and pancakes found in the local shops and restaurants.

•    Japan: 
One of the most advanced countries of the world, Japan is also one of the safe countries to vacation. The places to visit are primarily the mountainous national parks, sanctuaries and royal palaces. Also, Buddhist shrines and gardens blooming with cherry blossoms are also the popular attractions. Needless to say that the most popular dish to try out here is the Sushi. And for the beef-lovers…you can try the most famous beef over here which is the Kobe beef. One of the myths related to Japan is things are very expensive over here. However, this is not really true since there are many items that you can buy within your budget.

•     Fiji:
The volcanic islands of South Pacific, Fiji draws foreign tourists in thousands. The two main islands, Viti Levu and Vauna Levu along with the other smaller ones offer a great place for comfortable stay and travel. There are both high-end, luxurious hotels and affordable ones. There are innumerable snack stands along the roads where you can taste the local delicacies.

Choose any one of the above-mentioned places and enjoy family safe vacations!

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  • February 22 at 22:40

    Thanks for these great suggestions.
    I am looking for alternatives to places like Mexico, Cuba, Dominican.

    LOVED all the Hawaiian Islands , but looking for some new places now!

    • February 22 at 23:08

      Oh Yes Hawaii was awesome for us too! Let us know what you find, I’m going to Dominican Republic next month for the first time, how did you enjoy it?


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