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Safety is one of the major concerns for most people when choosing a vacation spot. We all want a family vacation to be memorable, however we probably don’t want memorable to mean a holiday that involved accidents or violence or theft or terrorism or sickness. By memorable we probably mean that we will bring back fond and fuzzy memories of our experiences. A relaxing safe tropical vacation usually means nothing more than reading a good book or playing on the beach and swimming.

The fact that one person visits a country and labels it as a safe country for a family to visit does not mean that this will be the case for other families or visitors nor will the information on this website necessarily be up to date and include any recent incidents of civil unrest or conflict or changing population patterns that can occur during world crisis.

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Today’s travelers and tourists are more and more wanting to visit the natural beauty and remote regions of a country in order to discover more than just the big cities and commonly advertised attractions so now, more than ever, the safety and security of any particular destination is a key deciding factor of a the safety rating a country receives.

These rankings presented here are based on the reliability of the police and legal protective system in a country as well as the rates of criminal activity and the potential for trouble.

A note about our travels : In our world touring that we do we are often asked by fellow travelers about what we consider to be the safest places for a vacation and really there is no definitive answer.

When we travel in groups during our organized tours we often get an unrealistic feel for the country we are visiting because all of us are moving about the attractions together in a large group and often with a guide. On the other hand when we are doing backpacking or more rustic camping or Eco-trekking we are often alone or traveling in small groups with our possessions and supplies on our backs and we can feel a bit more vulnerable.

Also, as a woman, when I am alone and traveling I often am up against a different perception from the natives of the country I am visiting and must sometimes be extra careful when traveling alone. There are definitely some countries that are not safe for women traveling alone but mostly a single female vacationing must have a certain level of confidence.

Not all places I have visited have opened their arms to me as a voyager but after twenty years of wandering this lonely planet I can say that more often than not I have met some incredible people and seen some of the most breathtaking sights in the world and by all means have tasted the finest international foods and done some of the most physically demanding and spiritually challenging things ever! As a solo-traveler by nature I have spent years off the beaten path and staying in the best hotels all around the world and have seen my share of the good, the bad and the ugly as far as tour operators and even travel companions.

The World’s Safest Travel Destinations

The choices for travelers in 2023 is huge and there are full package holiday vacations available for every budget. While I often prefer to pack the car and just start my trip with an adventure filled drive to the nearest airport and then decide upon arrival where my heart guides me there are times when planning ahead can be the smartest move. I have been on the move for many years and my list of the top vacation countries in the world is here presented in no particular order. My concern, as a single women, is finding the safest vacations and the safest places to travel in the world. Below I have compiled the list of what I consider to be the best destinations especially for a single woman or for anyone concerned about having a safe vacation.

My vacation to Hawaii was simply incredible for so many reasons! While I have traveled safely all over the world I found that my visit to the Hawaiian islands was idyllic due to the friendly residents and simplicity of the accommodations. While I arrived in my vacation to the six islands including Maui and Kauai which is the oldest and northernmost island in the Island chain which is graced with dramatic, natural beauty including volcanoes and lava caves and incredible scuba sites. I was literally floored by the outdoor adventures and romantic escapades that flourish on the island of Kauai. More on Hawaii | Safe Hotels in Hawaii

My travels to Iceland were one of my fondest travel memories. The idea of visiting Iceland had always appealed to me and since it was a country I’d often heard about how safe it was to visit especially for a single woman traveling alone. Iceland has the history of the Vikings still pulsing in the hearts of the residents. Visiting Reykjavik means you will see a village friendly town full of striking contrasts where eccentric tiny corrugated iron houses cuddle in the arms of futuristic glass and steel buildings. Modern amenities are only minutes away from the rugged black volcanic terrain. More on Iceland | Safe Hotels in Iceland

I always plan to stay at least three full weeks when I go down under to Australia. My most memorable was when I stayed for 6 months and worked in Queensland and I suggest that if you want to really immerse your spirit deeply into this magnificent country then you have to
plan to stay as long as possible. Travel in Australia definitely has it all from warm sandy beaches, arid huge colossal desserts and the dramatic Australian National Parks with their awesome and often unbelievable collections of birds, flowers and exotic animals like the ever present kangaroos, the dear koalas and an amazing array of birds.
Safe Hotels in Australia

Although Singapore is definitely one very safe and very clean don’t let the small size or urban development of the country dissuade you from visiting this South East Asian jewel of a country. The strict nature of the society is feeling some pressure to relax a bit the laws that have given Singapore a reputation as a very prosperous but antiseptic and almost repressive city. While I am not a big fan of skyscrapers and Singapore is mainly urban areas there are some wonderful zoos and the polite people of the country and their peaceful attitude make it a place I may return to. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve houses the country’s primary rain forest within its boundaries. I enjoy more adventure and Sungei Buluh Nature Park is one of the better spots I found for trekking.
Safe Hotels in Singapore

Because of my love for literature and beer I have always loved visiting Ireland and found it to be safe and friendly. The small size of the green island is perfect for a caravan travel or a biking tour of Ireland and I’ve done them both. The country is rich with history
and folklore and while it may not be the warmest spot I’ve ever camped in the evenings with the locals around the fire will always be remembered. I prefer to go in the warmest months of Summer when I travel to Ireland.
Safe Hotels in Ireland

I have to admit that when I am going to Austria, no matter what time of year, I’ve even spent my winter vacation in snowy Austria and there is not many places that can match the beauty of this place. Definitely a safe place to visit, Austria has bi far some of the most incredulous and sometimes over-blown architecture anywhere in Europe, it is royal and almost over the top! The awe inspiring Alps are perfect for my ski trips and when I’m visiting in summer I can’t help see a field of flowers against a backdrop of snow covered mountains and want to sing The Sound of Music. The rich heritage of music including Mozart is literally breathing in the streets of Vienna and the heritage of buildings mixed with the friendly people make this one of my favorite travel destinations.
Safe Hotels in Austria

Because I am actually born and raised in Canada I have a certain love of the country. Having traveled throughout the North-West Territories, British Columbia, Newfoundland and Nunavut I have come to know and love the country as one of the safest places to visit and live in the World. The natural beauty of this huge country are unmatched with mountains, oceans, prairies, huge forests and some of the friendliest people anywhere. The rich multi-cultural heritage means that the variety of festivals, events and opportunities to enjoy the natural parks and camping and canoes in Canada are why it is one of the largest playgrounds on Earth. More on Canada | Safe Hotels in Canada

My visit to Sweden was one of the most memorable European vacations destinations I have ever shared. I was captivated by the west coast city of Gothenburg with the haunting and intoxicating maritime sights and sounds and scrumptious Michelin Star rated restaurants! As a North American tourist I just had to do a cosmopolitan activity like visit Sweden’s largest amusement park in Liseberg. Stockholm, Sweden’s capital and thoroughly magical city, is built on 14 islands that are crisscrossed by a series of bridges. One bridge took me to the trendy Södermalm island, with a rich live music scene and hip night clubs for the almost too-trendy residents! But for those inclined on traditional and classical fare Sweden has a rich mixture of medieval and modern architecture and because of the Northern latitudes the summers are short and bright and the winters are crisp and perfect for skiing. I particularly loved Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö with their historical sites and lovely park lands.
Safe Hotels in Sweden

The Netherlands are one of the safest places for a vacation and while I had heard stories mainly revolving around some of the cliches of windmills and Amsterdam with her decadent lifestyle I stayed off the beaten track and found a beautiful country of incredibly pristine sandy beaches, peaceful meandering canals, windmills (naturally) and found that most of the country was relatively untouched by the International tourism footprint! Amsterdam on the
other hand was overwhelming for me with this city being the major tourist destination with curiosity seekers who come to savor the sin and sensuality of this cosmopolitan city. The Netherlands is mainly flat land and was perfect for biking and trekking, which are an integral part of the national spirit of the Netherlands.

My favorite cities in Holland were Den Haag, Utrecht and Limburg but I most enjoyed the camping in the secluded wilderness of the backpackers paradise available in the Netherlands.
Safe Hotels in The Netherlands

Czech Republic
The oppulance of the Czech country is simply mesmerizing and being one of the safest countries in Europe (and one of the least expensive) makes me recommended this as a vacation destination. Beyond Prague the central Bohemian landscape awaits and an incredibly large recreation
tract fills the southern region of Prague along the Vltava and Sázava rivers. As a backpacker in Czech I found I wasn’t alone and met other hikers and canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts. In the Southern Bohemia region the castles, chateaux and crystal clear lakes took me back through time and the nature of southern forests in Bohemia is extremely diverse.

Awesome peat-bogs surrounded with lush forests and rolling green meadows,lead and run along the harsher mountain landscapes in this sweet region nearly untouched by modern civilization. I loved Šumava, which is known as the “green roof“ of Europe and features wooded mountain range along the south-western border of the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Huge parts of this region, including the peat-bogs, glacial lakes and the remnants of primeval forests, were proclaimed the National park of Šumava.
Safe Hotels in Czech Republic

The beauty of the Tahitian Islands is unmatched and I can still see the thatched-roof bungalows we slept in that were perched above the deep turquoise lagoon waters. One of my safest travel destinations, especially when I travelled alone exploring the deep lagoons filled with tropical fish made this one of the best solo snorkling vacation trips I have ever gone on. I have seen no better way to find a sense of everyday Tahitian life and experience the culture of French Polynesia, than when I was passing through the small villages on a circle-island tour of the region. Read More on Tahiti | Safe Hotels in Tahiti

My first German vacation was more as a journalist visiting the fall of the Berlin Wall in ’89 and so that doesn’t officially count as a single girl traveling in Germany. It was in 2003 that I decided to return to Germany and while many friends in travel forums talked about safety for a woman in Germany I decided that my training and self confidence made it possible to take the train throughout the country with no distractions and I really enjoyed the country on my vacation in Germany.

I started my last travel adventure in Hamburg which is Germany’s second-largest city. Its superb merchants’ houses and incredible promenades, international musicals, modern shopping malls and St. Pauli district give Hamburg a truly cosmopolitan feel. Read More on Germany | Safe Hotels in Germany

Traveling to Japan was one of the most memorable vacations I have ever taken; the incredibly rich history of the Japanese people and the beauty of their small country was completely breathtaking and such a stimulus for my senses. The people of Japan are very polite and show a respect and friendly generosity that I have rarely seen in other countries. I started in Tokyo, the chaotic yet clean super-city that defines the progress and peace that is new Japan. We visited Ikebukuro, Asakusa and Shinjuku in our first two days in Tokyo. We felt completely safe wherever we went and were out light at night and when I was alone walking back to the hotel I felt completely safe as a single woman.

I felt just as safe in our travels to Gifu City where we visited the Gifu Castle and experienced the traditional cormorant fishing on the Nagara River. Our next Japanese cities were Matsue where we saw the Matsue Castle, the only remaining castle tower in the San-in Region (the Japan Sea Coast) and the intriguing black wooden fence house. More on Japan | Safe Hotels in Japan