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Madagascar Travel Advisory On August 16, 2021

New information on how to get a COVID-19 vaccine if you live in Madagascar (‘Coronavirus’ page)

Travel Advisory Published: August 16, 2021 14:14
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Malaysia Travel Advisory On August 16, 2021

Additional information on COVID-19 controls, creation of an airport desk for dealing with overstays, and rules on carrying your passport …
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Peru Travel Advisory On August 16, 2021

Update to information on the extension of the ban on entries from Brazil, India and South Africa, and removal of …
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Afghanistan Travel Advisory On August 15, 2021

Additional phone number for British nationals to inform the British Embassy Kabul of their departure plans ('Summary' page) Travel Advisory …
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Belgium Travel Advisory On August 14, 2021

Updated information on entry requirements. Belgium is now able to verify NHS Covid Passes with a QR code from Northern …
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