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Slovakia Travel Advisory On April 26, 2021

Addition of information on a further limited easing of local COVID-19 restrictions and the extension of the cross-border worker definition to cover those living within 100km of the Slovak border ('Coronavirus' and ‘Entry requirements’ pages)

Travel Advisory Published: April 26, 2021 15:56
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Nigeria Travel Advisory On April 26, 2021

Immigration Services at the Nigerian High Commission in London resumed on 13 April. ('Summary' and 'Entry requirements' page). Travel Advisory …
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Thailand Travel Advisory On April 25, 2021

Addition of information on new rules on mask wearing from 26 April ('Coronavirus – Travel in Thailand' section) Travel Advisory …
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Sri Lanka Travel Advisory On April 24, 2021

Updated information on Sri Lanka moving to Risk Alert level 3 due to an increase in coronavirus cases (See 'Coronavirus' …
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Italy Travel Advisory On April 23, 2021

New Information on COVID-19 travel travel rules and measures across regions in Italy ('Coronavirus' page). Travel Advisory Published: April 23, …
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