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Tropical Destinations for 2017 Holidays

No two-holiday destinations are the same. Every traveling trip comes with its own share of wonder and excitement. Avid bag packers are known to fly far and wide for timeless fun and amazement. Almost all the visits come with some bragging rights on social media accounts. Since there is no shortage of exotic tropical destinations for 2017 holidays, it’s just a matter of booking reasonably priced tickets to enjoy the sun and sand. With nonstop flights and stunning scenic beauty, the tropical destinations listed below are a bang for your buck.

Tropical resort swimming pool in Bora Bora.

The Maldives

A home for some gorgeous chain of islands, a visit to Maldives will refresh all your senses. It’s a gateway to purest sand beaches, illuminating sun, and warm local citizens. The underwater life at Maldives is incredible. Moreover, Maldives have resorts for all kinds of budgets. Most of the high-end hotels and resorts have world-class facilities. As such, there are plenty of thrilling things to do in Maldives. It’s said to be one of the best diving destinations in the world. There are plenty of other water sports as well that can thrill your life. One can also visit National Museum, Sultan’s Park and several other famous attractions. It’s an ultimate tropical destination for fun, relaxation, pampering and sightseeing.

Puerto Rico

Blessed with natural beauty, Puerto Rico is truly a travel lover’s dream destination. It has numerous beautiful beaches that meet the needs of locals as well as tourists across the globe. Calm breeze, great sand, clear blue water and surrounding palm trees make the location postcard-worthy for a beach lover. Simply wear a good pair of sneakers, and carry a camera phone with plenty of storage space to capture the scenic beauty while having fun. Some of the beaches may be crowded, but there will still be plenty of space to claim your stake for the day on a piece of paradise. Moreover, a visit to the bustling capital of San Juan will introduce you to famous parks, museums, nightclubs, casinos and so much other vibrant things to do.

Lisbon, Portugal

If you are looking for an underrated gem, Lisbon, Portugal should top the list. The place has plenty of beautiful beaches with golden sands and water sports facilities to satisfy any beach lover. All the beaches can be easily reached by public transport. Also, the city houses several historical treasures that one can be visited on the extra days. Those with deep pockets can stay at premium hotels that offer incredibly stunning beach views from the hotel rooms.

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