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Guatemala Travel Advisory On May 4, 2021

Removal of information on 'State of Prevention' and updated information COVID-19 restrictions in Guatemala (‘Summary’, Coronavirus' and ‘Entry requirements’ pages)

Travel Advisory Published: May 4, 2021 16:03
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Cambodia Travel Advisory On May 3, 2021

Updated information on lockdowns imposed on 14 April that will end on 5 May with the exception of red zones …
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Nepal Travel Advisory On May 3, 2021

The Government of Nepal announced on 3 May that it will suspend flights, including almost all international flights, from 5 …
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Czech Republic Travel Advisory On May 3, 2021

Addition of information on the reopening of museums, galleries and landmarks ('Coronavirus' page) Travel Advisory Published: May 3, 2021 03:51 …
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Nigeria Travel Advisory On May 2, 2021

With effect from Tuesday 4 May all travellers to Nigeria will require a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours …
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