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Peru Travel Advisory On March 13, 2023

Updated information on heavy rains in Northern Peru ('Natural disasters' page).

Travel Advisory Published: March 13, 2023 13:59
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USA Travel Advisory On March 11, 2023

Removal of information about additional entry requirements if travelling from China, Hong Kong and Macau (Entry requirements) Travel Advisory Published: …
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Malawi Travel Advisory On March 10, 2023

New information: Tropical Cyclone Freddy and updated information on PCR tests if not fully vaccinated ('Summary' and 'Entry requirements' pages) …
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Togo Travel Advisory On March 10, 2023

Updated information on the introduction of e-visas (‘Entry requirements’ page) and a factual update about demonstrations (‘Safety and security’ page) …
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Ecuador Travel Advisory On March 10, 2023

New information on State of emergency declared in Esmeraldas province from 3 March 2023 and Ministry of Tourism recommendations when …
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