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Kenya Travel Advisory On May 1, 2021

Updated information on travel within Kenya, the curfew, reopening of bars and restaurants, and other internal COVID-19 measures. Addition of information about entry requirements, including government designated quarantine facilities; the Trusted Travel system for verifying COVID-19 test results; and the “Jitenge” platform for generating QR codes (Summary, Coronavirus, Safety and Security, and Entry requirements pages)

Travel Advisory Published: May 1, 2021 17:05
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Bahrain Travel Advisory On May 2, 2021

New information on entry to Bahrain if you are a passenger travelling or transiting from Sri Lanka; from 3rd May …
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Moldova Travel Advisory On May 1, 2021

Visitors to Moldova are required to enter 14-days self-isolation as an anti-Covid 19 measure, unless they qualify for at least …
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Pakistan Travel Advisory On May 1, 2021

Addition of information regarding additional COVID testing and quarantine regulations for arrivals to Pakistan by air and information about cuts …
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Sri Lanka Travel Advisory On May 1, 2021

Updated information on Sri Lanka moving to Risk Alert level 3 due to an increase in coronavirus cases (See 'Coronavirus' …
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