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Honduras Travel Advisory On March 25, 2021

Addition of information about the continued need for COVID-19 tests to enter Honduras ('Entry requirements' page)

Travel Advisory Published: March 25, 2021 12:47
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Argentina Travel Advisory On March 25, 2021

Updated information on extension of 90-day permission for tourists to stay in Argentina ('Staying during coronavirus' page) Travel Advisory Published: …
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Laos Travel Advisory On March 25, 2021

New information on the reintroduction of fees for visa overstays and update to information on 'Quarantine requirements' ('Entry requirements' page) …
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Myanmar (Burma) Travel Advisory On March 25, 2021

Information on what to do if you are returning to the UK from Myanmar; flight routes to the UK are …
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Cameroon Travel Advisory On March 24, 2021

New information on reports of gunfire in Mandjoua on 8 March (‘Summary’ page). Review of information under ‘Political situation’ and …
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