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Germany Travel Advisory On January 18, 2021

Addition of information on exemption from COVID-19 testing requirements for children aged five or under (‘Entry requirements’ page).

Travel Advisory Published: January 18, 2021 15:04
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Oman Travel Advisory On January 17, 2021

Addition of information regarding land borders which will be closed from 6pm local time on Monday 18 January. ('Summary, Entry …
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Azerbaijan Travel Advisory On January 16, 2021

Information about the extension of the ‘special quarantine regime’ and the lifting of a number of restrictions on movement and …
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Brazil Travel Advisory On January 16, 2021

Additional information on entry restrictions to Brazil including denial or permission to foreigners who have been in the UK during …
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Bahrain Travel Advisory On January 16, 2021

From 17 January COVID-19 PCR testing services at the King Fahd Causeway will no longer be available. All arrivals into …
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