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5 Safe Countries For Travel

Safety is one of the major concerns for most people when choosing a vacation spot. This list highlights 5 of the safest, yet fun and family friendly destination countries for a family and single women/men on vacation. Please leave a comment and if you have a suggestion please add it in the comments section below and help other travelers and families!

1. Switzerland –  This country is not only safe, but it was also ranked the happiest country on earth in 2015. Be it the smiling faces everywhere, or the beautiful and natural landscapes; this country has so much to offer for family fun. The kids, as well as the adults will particularly enjoy casual bike riding through the wonderful streets. Take a boat trip from the ferry port of Lausanne and enjoy short, but exquisite stopovers in some of the world’s oldest medieval villages. A hike through the fun railway to the summit of Monte San Salvatore and the spectacular view of the city of Lugano will leave you and your family wishing to see more of this beautiful country.

2. Japan –  With the high penalties imposed on crime, Japan has evolved to become one of the safest countries in the world. As an added advantage, Japan has some of the most unique and interesting cities for tourists. Believe me, the national museums and high-rise landmark buildings in Tokyo are a must see. The kids will be pretty excited about the magnificent view of the city atop some of the world’s tallest buildings. Tokyo’s vibrant nightlife and pop culture also offer a great vacation experience and will particularly excite teenagers. For a more cultural and relaxed outing, visit the numerous shrines and temples in Kyoto. Oh, and don’t forget to order some delicious Sushi as it is a local favorite in any part of the country.

3. Cyprus–  Cyprus is well-known for its high safety rankings and walking around the country, you will definitely feel safe. The people are extremely friendly and this is a unique, yet enjoyable family vacation destination. The gorgeous sandy beaches and the rich historical sites make this country perfect for a variety of outdoor activities. A visit to the archaeological sites in Paphos with the children will get them exploring the tomb and palace ruins. A visit to Othello’s castle in the city of Famagusta would be an interesting way to kick off a family vacation. For an afternoon of adult fun, visit one of the many wineries in Cyprus and you will definitely leave feeling a little tipsy, but very happy.

4. Sweden –  The safety of Sweden has never been in question and it has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. In fact, this country offers an unexpected way to enjoy the typical family vacation and will leave you and all your family members feeling rejuvenated. There are numerous medieval sites to visit in this gorgeous country and a visit to the city of Visby will take your breath away. Enjoy the medieval homes, the sandy beaches surrounded by a beautiful vintage wall built to protect the city many years ago. Let the family explore Gamla Stan, an old town exclusively linked by bridges. For a taste of the Swedish cuisine, order pancakes and pea soup, one of the most popular meals in the country.

5. Singapore –  As Singapore has continually risen to become one of the top economic hubs in the world, its safety has not been compromised. With its vibrant culture, shopping hubs and multiculturalism, this country is perfect for a family vacation. To kick off your visit, let the family enjoy an exciting hike on the magnificent trails of Mount Faber. Not only will everyone learn so much about the country’s history, they will also get to experience a breath-taking view of the country atop the mountain. For a more cultural experience, visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and get to experience the beautiful architecture and the religious practices of the people.