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Peace Rank of European Countries

Top Ranked Peaceful Countries in Europe
Updated 2024

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World Rank
 Iceland 1 Iceland 1
 Denmark 2 Denmark 4
 Ireland 3 Ireland 3
 Austria 4 Austria 5
 Portugal 5 Portugal 6
 Slovenia 6 Slovenia 7
Switzerland 7 Switzerland 11
 Czech Republic 8 Czech Republic 8
 Finland 9 Finland 14
 Croatia 10 Croatia 15
 Germany 11 Germany 16
 Netherlands 12 Netherlands 21
 Hungary 13 Hungary 13
 Belgium 14 Belgium 22
 Norway 15 Norway 17
 Estonia 16 Estonia 33
 Slovakia 17 Slovakia 20
 Latvia 18 Latvia 35
 Sweden 19 Sweden 26
 Poland 20 Poland 25
 Bulgaria 21 Bulgaria 24
 Romania 22 Romania 31
 Spain 23 Spain 29
 Italy 24 Italy 32
 United Kingdom 25 United Kingdom 34
 North Macedonia 26 North Macedonia 36
 Lithuania 27 Lithuania 41
 Albania 28 Albania 48
 Montenegro 29 Montenegro 53
 Greece 30 Greece 58
 Bosnia and Herzegovina 31 Bosnia and Herzegovina 67
 Cyprus 32 Cyprus 52
 Serbia 33 Serbia 65
 France 34 France 71
 Kosovo 35 Kosovo 151
 Turkey 36 Turkey 145

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Despite recent events and media focus on negative aspects of society Europe is still considered one of the most peaceful geographical region in the world when looking at the factors correlated by the Global Peace Initiative which include the number and duration of internal conflicts, number of jailed population on a comparative base and the levels of violent crimes and homicides. One of the biggest advances in the ranking for peace came in Portugal which was helped by stability returning to the country after a series of economic and political issues.

Spain and Cyprus both deteriorated marginally which effected the Eurozone total score but Ireland was still strong which helped counter the negative effects that Greece exudes in the region. Even France which had many publicized examples of extremist actions managed to stay a peaceful nation ranking high in Europe, faring better than Belgium where perceptions of criminality rose within the population and extremist groups gained some troubling advances in their society.

The United Kingdom and France face a reduction in their overall peace score due to the fact that their military spending and implications in external conflicts in other parts of the world tend to keep internal conflicts high especially as refugees and migrants spread across borders and bring the emotional and cultural baggage into new nations, sometimes with troubling results.

The safety rankings of a country are different from the peaceful rankings of a country. While both to a certain extent use indicators of the levels of safety and security within a country, such as the perception of criminality in society, the level of political instability and the rate of homicides and violent crimes, the rankings of peace tend to envelope more than just safety for visitors they peace rating reaches to all aspects of the nation, their political system and the living positive energy that is created and maintained by the population within the borders.

Evaluating a ranking system to gauge the most peaceful countries in the world is by no means an exact science nor is the ranking designed to be used as an absolute. Positive peace factors are used such as a country’s commitment and political determination to:  end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture, Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainable manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss, promote the rule of law at the national and international levels and ensure equal access to justice for all and attempt to end violence and abuse.

The rankings of the most peaceful countries in the world should be taken as another piece of the puzzle when determining where to go for a vacation or to live or visit. Just because a country ranks high on the list of the most peaceful nations does not mean that nothing bad could happen to visitors but it can give a good idea as to the mind-set of the population of the country and the ideals that the citizens most try to adhere too.