Zimbabwe Travel Advisory On January 20, 2019

Summary: Following widespread disruption, including violent protests, in many areas of Zimbabwe during week beginning 14 January 2019, the situation remains unsettled in Harare and Bulawayo in particular. There is a risk of further disruption, including violent protests and activity by the security services. There remains a heightened security presence in urban areas. You should exercise caution and monitor local media and this travel advice for updates. Access to the internet has been disrupted across Zimbabwe and you should not rely on particular apps for communications as these may be blocked.

You’re advised to exercise caution and avoid any political gatherings or demonstrations. These can be unpredictable and may turn violent. Taking photographs of members of police and armed forces personnel and of demonstrations and protests is not permitted. You should avoid political activity, or activities which could be considered political, including political discussions in public places. Ensure you carry identification, so that you can produce it if required to do so by the security forces.

Travel Advisory Published: January 20, 2019 20:33
Cited Source: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/zimbabwe

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