Solomon Islands Travel Advisory On December 27, 2019

Entry requirements section and Summary – update to information on showing proof of vaccination against measles upon entry

Travel Advisory Published: December 27, 2019 15:55
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Chile Travel Advisory On December 25, 2019

Summary- Reports of localised fires in Valparaiso, specifically Rocuant and San Roque Hills. If you are in the area you …
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Côte d’Ivoire Travel Advisory On December 24, 2019

Summary – updated information about protests in Abidjan on 23 December and possibility of further protests Travel Advisory Published: December …
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Bangladesh Travel Advisory On December 24, 2019

Terrorism section and summary – updated information following a security notice issued by the Dhaka Metropolitan Police on 23 December …
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Peru Travel Advisory On December 23, 2019

Entry requirements section (UK Emergency Travel Documents) – the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Peruvian Immigration Office are …
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