Montenegro Travel Advisory On June 29, 2020

Updates to information on measures to contain coronavirus cases (‘Staying during coronavirus’ page) and the lists of countries from which residents are able to enter Montenegro (‘Entry Requirements’ page)

Travel Advisory Published: June 29, 2020 16:17
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Morocco Travel Advisory On June 29, 2020

Updated information about the end of the repatriation flight operation by the British Embassy ('Returning to the UK' page) Travel …
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Turkey Travel Advisory On June 29, 2020

Removal of information about weekend curfew on 27 and 28 June (‘Return to the UK’ and ‘Safety and Security’ pages) …
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Latvia Travel Advisory On June 29, 2020

Resumption of direct flights between Latvia and the UK (‘Summary’, ‘Return to the UK’, and ‘Entry Requirements’ pages) Travel Advisory …
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Dominican Republic Travel Advisory On June 28, 2020

New social distancing measures declared by Ministry of Health (Staying during coronavirus) Travel Advisory Published: June 28, 2020 15:12 Cited …
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