French Guiana Travel Advisory On August 17, 2020

Update on entry rules in response to coronavirus (COVID-19) travel severly restriced until further notice

Travel Advisory Published: August 17, 2020 16:17
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Oman Travel Advisory On August 16, 2020

Removal of information about nationwide restrictions ('Summary' and 'Coronavirus' pages) Travel Advisory Published: August 16, 2020 06:30 Cited Source: …
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Iceland Travel Advisory On August 15, 2020

Until 18 August, if you plan to stay in Iceland for 10 days or more, you must take special precautions …
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France Travel Advisory On August 15, 2020

Compulsory wearing of face masks extended in a number of major cities. In Paris, restrictions have been further extended. Failure …
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Liberia Travel Advisory On August 15, 2020

Temporary suspension of new coronavirus pre-departure testing requirement for any travellers leaving Liberia ('Coronavirus' page) Travel Advisory Published: August 15, …
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